Gross isn’t it? How losing the ability to kill the innocent is somehow more alarming to people like Sally Kohn than the actual killing of the innocent. You’d think ending a life would be the real issue here but nope.

Break out the hysterics!

Ok, so they are worried about death, but not the death of the innocent. It’s sort of like being more concerned over the drunk driver who dies because he or she drives a car into an innocent person and kills them than the innocent person who dies in the crash.

It would be different if women just magically became pregnant, but that’s not the case. Women make choices, men make choices, and those choices shouldn’t willingly cause the death of another.

This is not difficult.

It’s never been about real healthcare, it’s always been about protecting abortion. That’s it.

That would certainly simplify things, wouldn’t it.

OPPRESSOR! How dare you imply that women should promote the idea of being responsible and avoiding unwanted pregnancies.