Remember back before Hillary lost the election, how the Left was calling for Americans to unite? Cute how they wanted to be friends when they thought they had the election in the bag, but now that there is going to be a Republican in the White House their true nature has come out.

Forget that death threats are weak in general, but to threaten a blind man? C’mon Lefties, that’s low even for you.

Awww but if one steps up and asks for this to stop they will likely be on the hate radar as well. This is how they function, by bullying and pretending it’s tolerance.

They only tolerate people who agree with them. It’s been that way for years.

YES. Can we start calling them WHO and WHAT they really are? They aren’t the party of peace or unity, they are the party of oppressive, big government and groupthink and if you don’t get onboard you’re fair game for threats and bullying.

Apparently since we refuse to tolerate their intolerance that makes us intolerant? Maybe?

And that’s the point they miss most of all. Country over party.


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