After months of bellyaching, complaining and crying about an election lost, the Three Stooges are holding a so-called MASSIVE anti-Trump rally in NYC.

And of course by the Three Stooges we mean Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin and Mark Ruffalo; bet you can guess which one of these three is Curly … which would make Baldwin, Moe and Ruffalo, Larry.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Good point? Weren’t these same stooges calling for unity? Oh wait, that’s when they thought Hillary would win, never mind.


Let us not forget there are fourth, fifth and sixth stooges showing up at the rally as well, but that wouldn’t have made for quite as funny of a picture for the article.

Oh look, Al Sharpton will be there too. So a bunch of stooges, a silly mayor and a tax cheat – throw in a blonde or two and we have the making of a great joke. “A tax cheat, three stooges and a blonde walk into a bar … ”