After 146 years of being the greatest show on Earth, Ringling Brothers Circus will present their final performances in May of this year.

This American tradition spanning three decades cited declining attendance and high operating costs as the reasons behind the decision.

Of course reality has never stopped the harpies at PETA from lying through their teeth:

Sad, predictable PETA. Like gun control lunatics dancing on the graves of those killed by firearms, the animal fanatics are gleefully prancing on the soon to be unemployed because Ringling Brothers is shutting down.

Saddest show on Earth, really? Perhaps they should take a look at the ‘show’ over at Planned Parenthood.

And it always will be.

Oh but the millions of people out of work don’t matter ya’ know, nor do the animals who have it better than a lot of people … their AGENDA supposedly won. YIPPEE! That’s all that matters to them.

They’re not wrong about changing times, except the times aren’t changing for the reasons they’re implying.

Fewer people are attending the circus and other events like it because of devices, the internet, other options where they can witness the greatest show on Earth from their homes. Not because PETA covered some posters in glitter and made up pithy chants about the animals.

C’mon, PETA may be annoying but when it comes to actually accomplishing anything, meh.

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