The Left has been BLATHERING for years that the Right is full of sexist men, even though history shows plenty of Democrats were sexist pigs (hello Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Ted Kennedy, etc). This narrative has been kicked into overdrive since Trump beat Hillary, with progressives crying about the mean ol’ president-elect and comments he made about women.


Of course when a progressive man like Joss Whedon personally attacks a woman like Nicole Kidman over Trump, that’s perfectly acceptable because ya’ know, since she disagrees with the Left she deserves to be attacked. Yes?

It is just us or does Joss Whedon DESPERATELY need to walk away from Twitter for awhile? He is one angry progressive, sheesh.

That being said, Whedon’s behavior isn’t all that different from other progressive men who seem to make it a hobby to go after conservative women, like Dana Loesch.

Equality for certain women. Clearly not women like Nicole Kidman who dared ask that Americans unite behind the man who actually won the election.

‘Nuff said.


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