Where has Chris Murphy been for the last seven years? Seriously. Maybe he missed it but the (un)Affordable Care Act has been wildly unpopular. So unpopular in fact that Democrats lost an historic number of legislative seats across the country for having passed it.

What doesn’t he understand?

People are enthusiastic that the law that has wrecked health insurance for millions making health care inaccessible is going away. Duh.

Or in simpler terms, the ACA sucks and we’re all glad to see it GO.

Democrats are so enamored of themselves and of big government they don’t understand why people would be enthusiastic about said government leaving us the Hell alone.

Yes. He would.

C’mon, Chris is exempt from the law, he’s clueless about the costs and only knows the talking points.


They don’t get it.

CRAZY and oppressive you evil person you!


Awww, and like clockwork, unhinged, dramatic Lefties popped up on the thread to play the “Republicans hate people” card.

*eye roll*


But then there was this interesting tangent, people holding Chris accountable for not actually using Obamacare because WE pay for HIS health insurance.



Democrats … do as they say, not as they do.