Seriously, who sits around and makes racial commentary on EMOJI of all things? Clearly someone who has way too damn much free time on his or her hands.

Enter Ashley Judd:

Wow. Yup. We made that face you make when someone says something so stupid you squint your eyes when we read this.

Like, really Ashley? REALLY?

And her racism. Saying yellow is code for a white person? Umm… hello? She might as well have called white people crackers (Ritz in fact!).

Interesting that they always say Canada and not Mexico. Wonder why that is? #Racists

HA! ‘Nuff said.

Careful, Democrats will start making PSAs about the dangers of trying to understand Ashley Judd’s train of thought. “This is your brain, this is your brain on Ashley Judd’s train of thought … ”

Ok, and here’s the real reason emoji are YELLOW, Ashley.