Ooooers … radical.

Personally we think the diversified photo Slate is using for the tweet is precious; look at the two dudes. Well wait, there could be three guys in this photo, it’s sorta hard to tell these days.

You can likely guess what it says without giving Slate the click it’s desperate for; the Women’s March platform champions infanticide on the government dollar and plays “who’s the bigger victim” all throughout. The only groups of people they don’t seem to care about are those who disagree with them … ain’t that convenient?

Lots of ‘leaders’ in the movement are championing the march:

Inclusion UNLESS you’re a woman who disagrees with Sally’s agenda. If you disagree NO INCLUSION FOR YOU!

True peace, that’s cute.

Unity! Unless you’re one of those evil MEN … it’s ridiculous they can’t see their own sexism. Can you IMAGINE the firestorm if men decided to have a Men’s March and released propaganda like this?

They don’t want equality, they want revenge. Never forget that.


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