Maybe Sally missed it, but back in 2010, a bunch of Democratic Senators voted to take health insurance away from millions of Americans by passing the Affordable Care Act on CHRISTMAS EVE.

Gosh, that wasn’t sneaky right?

Wonder if Sally had the same concerns for other parents and “partners” who suddenly lost their coverage because it was “too good;” their kids losing specialists, their spouses losing doctors. All thanks to the same legislation she is crying about now.

Oh ffs.

How many people had that low of a co-pay or NO co-pay before Obamacare because their plans were “too good?” Those evil Cadillac Plans that weren’t free by any means, but for whatever reason, Obama and his horde of progressives felt were an issue.

Oh ffs again.

Democrats pulled the rug out from under MILLIONS OF AMERICANS in 2010.

Americans wanted this repealed, overwhelmingly, as evidenced by the number of legislative seats Democrats LOST under Obama. Oh yeah, and that presidential election where Hillary lost might be a clue as well.

Someone please remind Sally she doesn’t speak for the American people, or our values.