Uh-oh. Sounds like trouble in angry, hairy-legged, cat hoarding woman land.


Gosh it’s so hard when there are so many victims vying to be the biggest victim at one event.

At a march such as this, do you play the overall sexist card or do you need to pull the race card and if some women don’t want to segregate via race is that racist? When there are so many agendas there is bound to be some conflict.

Leave it to a bunch of feminists …

Via Legal Insurrection:

From the start, there were racial tensions between liberal white feminists and race-activists:

While support for the march grew quickly, it also drew criticism for lacking diversity. Nearly all of the initial organizers were white.

The name, which started as the “Million Women March,” was bashed on social media for mirroring the title of a march in Philadelphia 20 years ago to empower black communities.

In response, the name was changed to the “Women’s March on Washington” and several veteran protest organizers working on behalf of minority groups were enlisted as national co-chairs. They included Tamika Mallory, who led a criminal justice reform march from New York to Washington last year.

“Women of color needed to be included,” Mallory said.

More from RedState:

See? Sammiches fix EVERYTHING.

Editor’s note: If you’re a woman reading this and you’re angry about the patriarchy please save it, a woman wrote it. Now go make a sammich!

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