Krugman went on a Twitter rant about Meryl Streep and Donald Trump – yeah, we know. But this rant was even nuttier and more dramatic than usual, if that’s possible.

If you’d rather not read the entire “tweetstorm” feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page where we will give you the pathetic cliff notes; trust us, he does ramble on about his “thoughts.”

Oh good grief.

Here we go.


Stop it.

Zzzzzzzz …

We already had that president, his name was Obama?

Maybe you missed it when Obama made fun of the Special Olympics?

It’s hard to look in the mirror, eh Krugman?

Let’s see, what happened to us?

  • Eight years of Obama, happened to us.
  • Being lectured constantly about how racist we are, happened to us.
  • Having our health care choices limited or even taken, happened to us.
  • Listening to a president talk about how awful America is, happened to us.

Here’s the thing Krugman and others (like Streep) will never understand – everyday Americans matter. Our ideas, our thoughts, our beliefs, matter EVEN if we disagree with the elites. And sorry Democrats, as much as you like to pretend you’re the party of the people, this election more than any other has proven you’re the 1%.

You are, as Krugman said, the “mensches.”

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