Would someone pretty please remind the Democrats who the original party of racism and the klan was? In fact, one of their most esteemed party members, Robert Byrd, was an active member and even a leader of the Klan for many, many, many years.

He croaked in 2010 otherwise odds are he’d be up there with Stuart Smalley (sorry, Al Franken) making all sorts of accusations because that’s what Democrats do.

Luckily we have Cory Booker, who not too long ago said it was an honor to work with Sessions on civil rights.


These people have ZERO shame.

The Democratic party has a long history of racism and racist politicians; ironically they also have a long history of calling anyone who disagrees with them or policies THEY disagree with, racist.

Guess you could say their entire platform is based on racism. *shrug*

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