Sad that when you host a Hollywood awards show, the only thing people are talking about is an actress slamming Americans and pretending to be smarter and better than them based on an election. Talk about living in a bubble or a safe space.

And as if on cue, Leftists big and small (and painfully annoying) are out in droves defending the smug actress because … well, smug.

Like this author most of us have probably never heard of but who Twitter deemed important enough to verify:

Says the bubble boy.

Watching elites talk about elitism always makes us laugh.

And speaking of laughing …

Boom. Mic drop. Sit down and such.

It’s seriously like these people think their food just shows up at Whole Foods magically, or that leprechauns are the ones buying tickets to their stupid movies.

Hollywood elites (and the jackwagons who worship them) have completely lost touch with what and who America is.

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