Ana has a bit ol’ ‘but’ here when it comes to Obama …

Everything after the ‘but’ in her tweet should have been cut.


Maybe she missed that whole IRS targeting people thing?

Or when Obama golfed right after finding out James Foley had been beheaded on video by his so-called JV team? Or the Benghazi murders? Iran? HELLO?!

Granted, Ana did say major BUT on that note, most of the things Conservative Twitter listed were pretty damn major.

Bergdahl, good one. And red lines in Syria …

Corruption and a media that worships him.


Apparently screwing interns is a bigger deal than State Department corruption to Ana? Yeah, we got nothin’.

Decent? Eh.

We get it, Ana. You don’t like Trump and honestly there are plenty of Republicans who also dislike Trump.

On that note though, they aren’t propping Obama up in any way to prove their point.

No major scandals… smh.

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