Gracious these people are dramatic.

Since Speaker Paul Ryan made it clear the GOP will work to defund Planned Parenthood, the crazy has been out of its mind on Twitter. Well, it is Twitter we’re talking about so crazy is the norm, but this has been even crazy even for the social media giant.

We’re not entirely sure who Emily is, but Twitter has seen fit to verify her, and when you read her timeline you can see why (Twitter loves their social justice warriors). This tweet in particular was all about the CAPS LOCK and DEATH!


The replies to her tweet however are spot on:

But facts are from the PATRIARCHY!

Even when someone told her to chill out she continued to rant and lose her shiznit.

Wha? She’s so busy being mad we’re not entirely sure what’s she’s so mad about.

Or maybe the better question would be what is she NOT mad about?