Ok intern, you had ONE JOB!

Thursday evening, Yahoo Finance tweeted about Trump wanting a ‘bigger navy,’ and yeah … that didn’t work out so well.


Yahoo Finance did delete said tweet and then tweeted the following:

A spelling error. Cute. Perhaps it was more of a typo?

And notice the amount of time between the original tweet and the ‘error’ tweet. Did they leave the first tweet for two hours?

It would have been funnier than blaming a spelling error.

After the tweet was deleted, Twitter exploded with various hashtags involving the ‘spelling error’ Yahoo Finance made; each honestly more hilarious than the last. We didn’t see too many people who were actually angry about the unfortunate spelling, most people just thought it was funny.

Some wondered if maybe it was a spell check thing. Hrm. Are phones or tablets just automatically changing the word bigger to … other words?

Now THAT we should blame on the Russians.