Following the horrendous act of four young black adults in Chicago, wherein a young white man with a disability was kidnapped and tortured, Twitter exploded (understandably) in outrage. Very quickly the hashtag #BLMKidnapping started to trend in first place across the country, Americans furious over not only the absolutely awful crime, but the lackluster response in Chicago.

We’ve all been waiting for leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement to denounce the crime, at the very least, but instead people like Shaun King tweeted this …

Aww, so the BIG issue here is the hashtag. Not the fact that a movement fueled by false narratives and hate may have inspired four young black people to kidnap, attack and torture a young white man.

Seems legit, Shaun.

Oh, and he called it merely an assault. That’s cute.

Now now, you know it’s only a hate crime when it feeds his narrative and this most definitely does NOT support him or his message about evil white people.

Well he cares enough to shame people over a hashtag, that’s about it though.

But he’ll try.