Tell you what, nothing is quite as inspiring as using footage of an old lady who lost the presidential election to promote your event. Leave it to NARAL to think this is somehow a good idea …

Forget that rights are rights (there is truly no such thing as women’s rights, sorry ladies), but using a video of Hillary seems desperate to us. Sure, we get it, they’re reminding the world of how RAD it would have been for their corrupt candidate to be president because she has a vagina but c’mon, really?

And if we’re going to talk about human rights, what about the human rights of the unborn?

Facts! Facts are from the patriarchy! For shame!

NARAL and other pro-aborts can’t be bothered to think about unborn women, they’re far too focused on making sure born women can kill them legally. Somehow this all makes sense in their feeble minds.

And THAT would be truly marching for human rights, because whether these hyenas like it or not, life IS an actual right.

Editor’s note: Yes, a woman wrote this. You’re welcome, feminists.