Whether the country was ready for it or not. You don’t say? Gosh, apparently Americans only started buying music made by black women in 2016 …

Seriously, is Slate this stupid or were they just trolling?

Infants indeed. Aretha Franklin was unavailable for comment but you know she absolutely rolled her eyes if she caught wind of this horse manure.

Click bait. FIFY.

Billie Holiday was also unavailable for comment, and Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Etta James …

That. ^

Wow, seems the country has been celebrating black women in music for a LOT longer than just 2016.


Psh. The country apparently wasn’t ready back then.

Slate has gotta Slate.

But fake news is their bread and butter.

Awww the 80’s … psh, the country was totally not ready back then.



Of course they are, it’s the only way they can get traffic to their ridiculous site.