Besides campaigning for Hillary, all we have heard from Obama since the summer is his fixation on leaving behind a legacy. Of course he wants it to be something like Obamacare (which in his little mind is still a good thing) or that his wife starved children until they were skinny again … he won’t like what James Woods thinks is truly his legacy.

And that is:


It reminds us of the time five police officers were murdered in cold blood while they protected the very people who hate them as they protested; Obama stood up at their memorial and basically claimed all cops are racists.

Yeah, that’s his legacy. Woods is right.

No one has ever accused the Democrats of making ANY sense at all.

Some of the strictest in the country, yup.

Past time.

Hrm, we’ll have to check into this one. If so that could be the runner-up legacy, most rounds of golf played by a president during his terms.