Sorry dentists, insurance agents and other everyday folks who have been successful enough in your lives to have purchased a “mansion,” you’re somehow not supposed to be able to do that.

Kurt Eichenwald says so.

Or he has an issue with everyday people being able to afford such things.

Or not? It’s honestly really hard to figure out what the Hell he means.

Flashy gifs on Twitter are assault, or something. Careful.

Maybe if we used puppets and crayons to explain it to him?

Nah, probably not.

More people having more wealth would be a good thing, you’d think.

So dentists, insurance agents and other non-famous people are able to afford so-called mansions, and that’s a bad thing.


That. ^

What? There are plenty of dentists and insurance agents who are middle class … this argument is not a good one.


But they’re not FAMOUS PEOPLE or something so it’s not a good thing.

You have to wonder if he even reads what he writes.

Why assume there is only so much a person is worth? Why assume a value with a profession? Hard work goes a long way.


Somehow yes? But no.

Wait, so doctors and bankers were building mansions 100 YEARS AGO! But we thought only famous people were able to do that.

Minds BLOWN!

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