The only thing possibly more ridiculous than John Kerry’s actual speech about Israel is how the Leftist, dropped-on-its-head, drooling-down-its-chin media is reporting on it.

As you would expect, the more rational, sane outlets (there are a few) are reporting on the U.S. (Obama administration) escalating tensions with Israel … the not-so-sane and heavily biased rags are also reporting as you’d expect.

For example, compare these two front pages:

Oh New York Times, never change. Sure, they used “Kerry says” to shift the blame back on the SOS, but it’s likely just a convenient way for them to push their own narrative on Israel.

No wonder the NYT had to rent out eight floors of their corporate offices – really, what good are they?

So they are useful, good to know.

Sadly it is.

Right?! Free thought and ideas are so oppressive or something; surely the New York Times has some editorial on how stupid freedom is published somewhere.

Let’s not make this a challenge …

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