As Twitchy reported earlier, Obama is pretty sure if he had run against Trump he would’ve won … yeah, his arrogance still surprises us, even now. And look, he used his favorite words …

Bret Baier retweeted the perfect takedown of Obama’s arrogance, via Matt Mackowiak.





Anything as long as it’s about HIM. Yup. That is Obama’s legacy.

Not to mention the number of seats Democrats lost after eight years of Obama but hey, we digress.

Even now, after nearly a decade of listening to the man, we are still surprised by the amount of arrogance and narcissism that he manages to vomit on people as we near the end of his second term.


Ahem. Yeah, good question.

What has Obama been worried about as he prepares to leave office? Not the country, not the people, not the world … no no, he’s been worried about HIS legacy.

Because it’s all about him.