It would seem the Left will take any and every opportunity they can to attack Ivanka Trump, from invading her space and yelling at her and her kids on an airplane to attacking her on social media for sending out a Christmas / Hanukkah greeting.

Her tweet was actually lovely …

And since the tweet WAS lovely, the Left had to come in and attack Ivanka and her family.

Because classy.

Oh good grief. How dare Ivanka post a photo of her family enjoying the holiday when PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK. Suck it up, buttercup.

Yadda yadda yadda …

THIS is obnoxious. Not only did they attack Ivanka for posting a Christmas / Hanukkah greeting, they went after her AS A WOMAN because let’s face it, there is no more sexist group than Democrats when it comes to women they disagree with. Many of the tweets on her thread were repugnant, so bad in fact that we will not share them, but the message throughout was attacking her as a woman, and for some odd reason berating her for mentioning Hanukkah.

It’s never too early to get added to the naughty list, Lefties. Keep it up.