Poor Michael, he hasn’t tweeted much since the day after Hillary officially LOST the election … again. But looking at his timeline, his last several tweets include some weird history lesson on the electoral college for the rest of world.

Note: Hey people throughout the rest of the world, we are not all as dense as Michael Moore. Promise.

Oh brother.

Hey people of the world? Us again. As America is a REPUBLIC, the popular vote is irrelevant, so no amount of complaining and whining from Moore and the rest of the Left will make Hillary president.

But sure, go on Michael.

WHA? Dude. The electoral college is so racist it helped elect Barack Obama … twice.

Except there is zilch on this from James Madison’s notes on the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Why does the Left make up their own version of history? Oh yeah, to push their narrative, that’s right. Our bad.

He’s going to be president, Michael. Suck it up.

Oh woe is him.

Isn’t Moore one of the celebrities who promised to leave the country if Trump won? Well, if we’re so broken what is he waiting for … hit the road, jack.

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