Hollywood said something right? Shocking. And sadly it IS still shocking when anyone in Hollywood says something remotely sane or not out of the Leftist Playbook for Crybabies and Whiners.

Rob Schneider is part of the Adam Sandler group, and as you may or may not know, Sandler and many others in that group tend to lean a bit to the right. Schneider made some snarky yet spot-on comments about the Democrats and their Russian mania around the election:

Or like blaming a spoon for making you fat? Yeah?

And another:

YUP and Bingo was his name-o.

It’s like the Democrats crying about how the FBI hurt Hillary’s chances; actually since it was Hillary’s fault the FBI had a voice or a presence in this election at all, it’s still her fault.

Just like the emails – no one made any of those people write what was IN those emails.

What Democrats need to admit is they’re just angry they got caught … oh yeah, and that they LOST.

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