After YouTuber Adam Saleh was removed from a Delta plane, supposedly for saying a word in Arabic (yeah, right), passengers on the flight have been interviewed by the media, and many of them have cast doubt on Saleh’s take about what happened. In fact many of them have said quite the opposite, and that it was clear he knew what he was doing, i.e. it was likely a stunt for his YouTube channel.

Slim Albaher, who was traveling with Saleh, thanked the New York Times for interviewing people who weren’t “racist against them.”

Hrm. Racist against them, you don’t say.

Because racists gonna racist?

Clearly this woman is just racist against them.

What a disaster this Delta thing has become; forget that Saleh is known for pulling “pranks” like this to prove people are islamaphobic (and to get clicks to his channel), but crying racism for being called out for past behavior? Howdy facepalm.

He truly is the epitome of the boy who cried wolf.

Best of all you know most of the media was salivating over the possibility of a young man who wasn’t white supposedly getting kicked off a plane for speaking Arabic. And now they have to choke down that in all likelihood this was a hoax.

Oh silly media, never change.