Watching the Left implode after Hillary lost the election has been something out of the movies; of course that could stem from the fact that the majority of people freaking out are celebrities.

First it was the protests, then it was the electoral college video with Martin Sheen asking electors to vote their conscience and NOW it’s forming some sort of anti-Trump inauguration thingie.

If only these folks focused as much on voting as they do on protesting and organizing …

OH GREAT, Rosie. If people do this there will be all of these YouTube videos of unhinged, sobbing Hillary supporters screeching over and over again that Trump is not their president. Because that’s what we need more of, emotionally distraught social justice warriors shaking their fists and crying into the camera.


It’s kind of like Keith Olbermann refusing to say President Trump – it doesn’t change anything. Trump will still be the president of the United States. That though doesn’t stop these daffodils from somehow thinking it will make a difference.

Check out the irony here:

Ummm, you just used Trump and president in the same sentence and tweeted about him.

And he’s still the president-elect.

Just sayin’.

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