Oh ha ha ha, this is so edgy and funny … leave it to The Daily Show to be totally disrespectful, this time of year especially. Perhaps they missed it, but it was their precious Obama who said the Constitution was a barrier, so a “yule log” burning the document doesn’t exactly make sense for Trump.

And sadly you know bunches of anti-Trump, anti-Christmas and anti-Constitution dbags will indeed curl up and play it; there is actually a five-hour YouTube video available of this “Yule Log.”

Only one problem with their obvious dig at Christmas …

Psh, they can’t be bothered to know the facts about well … anything. Gotta pick on Christmas to be cool or whatever.

Their desperation to mock Christmas (and the Constitution and Trump) shows how little they actually know about the holiday; Santa should definitely put them on the naughty list this year.

Editor’s note: If you know who the Burgermeister is, gold star!

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