Hillary has officially become the first female presidential candidate to lose … TWICE.

Congrats Gram-gram.

And the final count of “defectors” is:

Apparently people listened to Martin Sheen and the celebrity-elite a TEENSY bit and decided Hillary was unacceptable for their vote.

There would have actually been eight defectors instead of just five if not for the law in some states. Gosh, who’da thunk the 10th Amendment would be a good thing for Hillary; of course she won’t ever admit that but still.

EIGHT ELECTORS didn’t want her; let’s do the math – that’s four times the number of defectors for Trump. Ha!

Howdy karma, this is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary, meet karma.

Nope, they won’t. They’re busy pretending that two electors switching their votes from Trump is a win … which is hilarious but we digress.

Of COURSE they did – anything to protect the narrative ya’ know.

And hey, a win IS a win.

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