Oh how the Left loves to cry about tyranny, dramatically preening and pretending Donald Trump will come into the White House and behave as some sort of dictator. Funny how they never manage to look at themselves in the mirror because HELLO hypocrisy … if anyone has behaved as a tyrant it’s the guy Larry Elder is talking about here:

Gosh, who made everyone buy health insurance and threatened to punish them financially even if they couldn’t afford to buy it? He also managed to take healthcare away from people who were more than happy with their policies before he came along. Who could that be?

OH YEAH, Obama.

Of course the Left didn’t approve of Elder’s point about Obama, playing the “healthcare is a right” card over and over again because they’re … well, they’re stupid.

Apparently having a tyrant is AOK as long as it’s THEIR tyrant.

Ever notice the things they want somehow always become a right?

No. No it’s not a right. That pesky ol’ Constitution.

If you want to look at the benefits of universal healthcare check out countries like Venezuela.

Now we know how Obama won twice.

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