Another one of those things Hollywood sees fit to screw up …


Oh yeah, that’s it.

Look out y’all, if Rob Lowe ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy. And he ain’t happy.


Watch. Liberal Hollywood will turn the original, which was a masterpiece, into a PC-centric annoying hot mess; wouldn’t be surprised if somehow Archie became a raging Leftist who hated the right, since Trump will be president during its run.

So. Stupid.

This is just modern-day millennials thinking they’re funnier than those old farts who wrote mean stuff in the 70’s; just leave the show alone people!

And THAT’S the real issue, they’ve run out of ideas; honestly with as many remakes of 70s and 80s movies (most of which have flopped) it’s evident Hollywood doesn’t have a single idea of their own left.

Remember when TV was funny? Those were the days …

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