It all started with this tweet from Marc Lamont Hill complaining about the ‘arrogance of White Supremacy’ in regard to Trump’s cabinet being all white. We can only assume Hill is referring to Trump when he says, “unqualified white men.”

Ben Shapiro pointed out a likely uncomfortable truth to Hill:

Why post something like this? Why post something like THAT is the better question; did Hill really think he could make such a racist (yes, racist) statement and not get called out? It was blatant.

Bill Clinton had the whitest cabinet in decades but hey, whatever works for the Left.



What? But Hill was just telling us all how important diversity is; maybe he needs to prioritize his diversity? This all gets so confusing, however do these folks keep it all straight?

Neither are white people. Or orange people. Or purple people – which is the POINT of challenging the notion of supporting diversity simply to prove you’re diverse. People are individuals and NOT interchangeable regardless of their race.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.