The election took place over a MONTH ago (that doesn’t seem possible but yeah), and guess what, Hillary Clinton and Democrats are still refusing to accept the results. From the Russians to WikiLeaks to mean ol’ voter ID keeping people from voting, the Left is working overtime to REJECT the results of the election.

Which is like the opposite of what Hillary said Trump should do. Seems though she has forgotten what she said but luckily Dana Loesch is a giver and reminded her.

This has seriously become the election that never ends …

Right? If only we’d have thrown more temper tantrums.

The recalls have only managed to give Trump more votes but hey, if she wants to lose in a grander fashion more power to her.

Because they’re DEMOCRATS. For whatever reason the rules are different for them … don’t ask us why, we just work here.

She absolutely thought she had it locked up, you bet. And her cocky behavior about Trump questioning the results was proof of it.

Oh karma, you cheeky monkey you.