Oh those pesky, fussy Democrats and their never ending, ongoing, annoying temper tantrum over Donald Trump.

This latest bit ESPECIALLY reeks of desperation; Elizabeth Warren and a gaggle of other Democratic senators have put forward a new bill that would make it an impeachable offense for Donald Trump to not place his business holdings in a blind trust while serving as president. In other words they’re looking for any excuse to try and impeach the mean ol’ Republican president.

Warren took to Twitter to shake her fist at the president-elect … just call her Chief Shaky Fist.

Maybe she missed how much money Obama has made during his time as president; those millions from book sales haven’t exactly benefitted the country.


Per Mediaite:

In a press release, the Senators– Massachusetts’s Elizabeth Warren, Maryland’s Ben Cardin, Delaware’s Chris Coons, Illinois’s Dick Durbin, and Oregon’s Jeff Merkley— announced that they plan to “introduce a bill in January that would require the President and Vice President to disclose and divest any potential financial conflicts of interest.”

She will introduce a bill that tells the president what to do with his private business.

So it’s been the standard but only NOW that there is a Republican in office do they feel it necessary to legislate such a thing.

Good luck with that, Democrats.

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