Ok George, WE GET IT, you don’t like Donald Trump.

Since Trump won the election, many Hollywood elites have been bitching 24/7 about the president-elect, picking apart anything and everything the man does. Don’t be surprised if they find a way to attack Trump for using the bathroom at some point … it’s what they do.

Looking at George Takei’s Twitter feed is akin to listening to a bunch of angry old women complaining about their neighbors making too much noise:

Seriously. Waaaaaah. Get over it already. He won. Americans chose.

Oh look, Takei is more than happy to take swipes at other Republicans … so maybe this is more of an “obsessive Leftist hate” thing than a disliking Trump thing? Either way, the guy really needs a new hobby.

Going through his timeline over the past week or so:

Trump Trump Trump!

Seriously, 80% of his tweets mention Trump in some manner or fashion.

Maybe it’s not a crabby old lady that he reminds us of, but a crazy, obsessed ex-girlfriend …

Either way, yikes!

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