If the Left can complain about Trump doing anything, they will. When they’re not screeching about the Russians, they are acting very snidely about Trump and his skipping intelligence briefings.

Piers Morgan pointed out something awfully ironic and really just sad, especially if you’re an Obama supporter:

Ouch. And true. For all of the intelligence briefings Obama has supposedly had, the world has truly gone to crap under his watch after the last eight years.

Double ouch.

It would seem Obama actually may have only attended about 40% of those briefings, which again explains a lot.

Piers was ticking the Left off all over the place this morning, not only did he crush Obama and intelligence briefings but he also wrote a brutal column on the political elite including her worship, Hillary Clinton.

And she still lost, which is ALSO fact.

HA HA HA! Sorry, couldn’t resist … it’s just hilarious.