Apparently womyn were marching or striking against Donald Trump today … yeah, we missed it. Sounds like the march/strike thingie was taking place in 18 cities – did you see anything on this?

Who are you again?


The march/strike/whatever was put together by the group “Women & Allies”; here is the statement from them about the march (that no one saw):

“On December 12, 2016, women/self-identified women and their allies will gather together in solidarity in cities across the United States to protest the normalization of sexual assault, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, unconstitutional behavior, cronyism, and hate. We [I] urge everyone to rally together to protect the inalienable rights for all and fight against the tyranny we’re facing as a result of the 2016 presidential election.”

Sounds like a real party, right? Yeah, come hang out with a bunch of angry women who just want to yell at you all day … BYOB.

According to their Facebook page, the cities taking part included:

Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Oakland, San Francisco, Denver, New Haven, Ft. Lauderdale, Boston, New York City, Sag Harbor, Portsmouth, Columbus, Portland, Lehigh Valley, Dallas, Houston and Seattle.

Huh. And still nope, never heard of it.

It looks like they were trying to get the word out … maybe?

You know these gals are real downers at birthday parties and other social get-togethers, “Happy Birthday! Oh yeah, well no birthdays will be happy with that evil white male oppressor Donald f’ing Trump in the White House!”


Editor’s note: Yes a woman wrote this, so please save any hysterics you may have over evil male oppressors, thanks.