Recount efforts in Pennsylvania have been blocked by a federal judge. According to the Boston Globe, in his ruling, U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond said Stein’s concern over the potential hacking of the state “borders on irrational.”

Of course “irrational” is the Green Party’s middlename, but we digress.

Poor Jill is better known for trying to push these silly recounts than she was for having run for president.

If this hadn’t all been so annoying it could almost pass for comedy relief these days.


No one seems overly distraught about the recount in Pennsylvania NOT taking place … except Stein. Actually she’s not distraught, we’re not sure she even realizes it yet.

We do wonder if she’s lost her marbles though, the few she had left anyway.

The fight is OVAH, especially in Pennsylvania.

So does this mean Jill will pay her “donors” back?