Earlier this week, Twitchy reported about Hill-dawg’s plan to host a swank, lavish thank-you party for her millionaire donors because you know how Clinton is, super in touch with everyday Americans because she totes believes we are stronger together.


Well apparently some richies didn’t “make the cut” for her par-tay and they’re ticked off.

Oopsie. They’re saying they didn’t have enough room for all of these rich Democrats. Egos apparently take up a lot of room.

Via the Daily Caller:

“The remaining staff of the Clinton campaign has been fielding complaints from donors who were not included,” the Post said. “Some donors were told that the size of the party was dictated by the space constraints of the ballroom.”

Or maybe it was more expensive than she realized?

Wonder who Hillary left off her list?

Oof, sounds like an “interesting” list of donors …

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