Newsflash: gender didn’t matter in the 2016 election.

Well duh.

This is so obvious that even the mostly-Leftist rag Time admitted gender had nothing to do with the results of the election.

Which made Slate a little fussy, but what else is new?

OMG STOP IT! Triggered and stuff!

From Time:

In interviews across the country in the year leading up to the election, many voters suggested that shattering the glass ceiling wasn’t an urgent priority for them. Some took it as a given that a woman will be President one day, and it wasn’t worth electing someone they believed was the wrong woman just to show it could be done.

So duh, right? People didn’t want to elect Hillary just because she had a vagina – sorry Slate. #SmartsNotParts

Wonder if it would help if Trump said he identified as a woman sometimes. No?

Well then there is no pleasing you.