It all started when someone somewhere decided that Americans’ mortality rate is going down and of course the Left went on some tirade about how it was all part of some economic anxiety which is always their code for “rich white people are evil.”

Interesting how this all comes out after Trump wins, but we digress.

Also interesting is the fact that Amanda Marotte didn’t actually agree with their assessment … well she did but for a different reason.

Of course to admit otherwise, that this economy is killing people, would be admitting that Obama has done a crap job over the last years because he owns this economy.

Not rich old white guys, sorry Lefties.

Amanda went on to make her point by admitting a truth far too many Democrats don’t want to admit:

They voted for Obama because they were DESPERATE! Not because he was the best guy for the job or because he had fancy marketing … not even because he was historically the first black president. Oh no, they voted for Obama because they were DESPERATE.


Tell us something we didn’t already know, cupcake.

There you have it – see? Obama fixed things and made them better so no Democrats felt like voting or something. Yeah, these excuses for why Hillary lost so badly are getting ridiculous … first she tells us that Obama voters were desperate, and then she tells us that Obama was so awesome that no one voted because they’re not worried anymore or something.

Oh silly Lefties, you keep us laughing.

Editor’s note: Not only does Ms. Marcotte have the editor who wrote this blocked, she has Twitchy as a whole blocked. Heh.