Didn’t Brian Williams lose his job for reporting fake news? Asking for a friend.

Oh yeah, he did. Listening to him slam fake news is a little bit like listening to Ike slamming domestic violence. It just doesn’t compute.

Awww right! He’s in that one photo, and sure, he’s a little blurry but if you squint really hard you can make him out.

Yeah, that’s it.

The Left loves to make up new terms and phrases that support their agenda, reality has never really been their strong point.


We can’t think of a better “news outlet” for this to happen to. WTG MSNBC!

That’s never stopped Brian before … just sayin’.

And that is fake news about that fake news which turned out to actually be fake news about fake news. It’s a never ending circle of CRAZY folks. Wheeee MSM!

Please don’t give them any ideas.

Among other things.

Nope, but don’t forget to tip your waitress anyway because you know you laughed.