Trump has been appointing successful women to his cabinet (all of whom the Left has spent a good deal of time criticizing and attacking) and his latest addition is no exception.

Earlier this week, Trump picked Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration which honestly makes perfect sense as McMahon has been an important player in the creation and running of the WWE for years and years.

From one brilliant businesswoman to another …

Plus one indeed.

Of course the Left only likes and accepts women who agree with them, so the a-holes attacked both McMahon and Conway.

Or perhaps he knows McMahon’s history with business and that she has run for office before?

Let us know when you run a billion-dollar company, Lefties.

Maybe running a successful and enduring corporation? Just spitballin’ here.


Awww yes, the tolerant Left and their treatment of women they disagree with is legendary. You have to wonder if “Patti” here ever told Debbie Wasserman Schultz to brush HER hair because God knows it could have used a good brushing.

Now watch, they’ll bellyache that we were mean to Deb and whine that we picked on her looks.

Nah, Conway is just informed. Yeah, we realize that means crazy in the Left’s playbook but nope.

She was so bored she attacked Conway. That’s not bored, that’s just hateful.

Let’s see, decorated generals, successful businessmen and women … but no community organizers dagummit!

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