Elizabeth Warren is none too happy with Trump’s choice of Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor which means he picked well.

Psh, really, what does a guy who employs thousands and thousands of people know about labor, right? *eye roll*

Talk about Chief Shaky Fist …

Yes, he looks down on them SO MUCH he gives them jobs and pays them the legally mandated wage.

Hey Warren, if you want him to pay people more do away with the minimum wage law that allows him to pay the minimum which would ultimately benefit all workers because of this thing called COMPETITION.

Until then, stifle.

Apparently Liz doesn’t think people who have actually created jobs should work in the government or something.

Good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Right? How many times have you gone into a fast food restaurant and your order was wrong or the cashier was rude? Do your job or someone (or something) else will.

Bingo. She’d be telling us how he was employing thousands of people and helping them get out of poverty.

How DARE you actually suggest she do something about it instead of just bitch and moan! Oppressor!

You selfish serf!