Because nothing will bring back the ice caps (that actually haven’t gone anywhere) and save the polar bears (who seem to be doing just fine, thank you) like some guy who needs a haircut and a shower walking barefoot across America.

According to Vice, that hippie in question is Mark Baumer who has walked across the country before, but last time he did it in his shoes. Apparently he can only save the earth though if he’s barefoot; he is also walking to raise money for an environmentalist group called FANG Collective which resists the natural gas industry, man.

At this time Baumer has raised a little more than $3000.

Psh, at that amount he should put his damn shoes on.


Totally serious and pretty hilarious. Heh.


Safe bet.

Ummmm no. Yikes.

Don’t give Obama ANY ideas. We can hear him now, “This barefoot hippie is a hero … who desperately needs to take a shower.”

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