Seems some high-dollar (aka SUPER DUPER rich) donors are a little bit ticked off at the Democratic Party for Hillary’s abysmal showing – they are also a tad perturbed about how much of their money the “party of the people” wasted. Of course one would have to wonder if they perhaps lived under a rock for donating a bunch of money to another Clinton, especially HILLARY Clinton, but that’s beside the point.

Hillary’s big soiree is scheduled for December 15 in the Plaza’s Grand Ballroom where she and Tim Kaine will welcome folks from the Hillary for America finance leadership councilaka a bunch of wealthy elitists like John Podesta who are sorta ‘upset’ over the whole losing the presidential election thing.

Per deathandtaxes and via Page Six:

Guests expected are big bundlers including Harvey Weinstein, Anna Wintour, Alan Patricof, Tory Burch and Marc Lasry.

One insider said, “Hopefully there’s no balconies so nobody can jump.”

Sounds like it will be quite the social gathering.

Funny how she has disappeared since the election (only to be seen on some weird and creepy arranged sightings in the woods) and then makes her grand entrance back into politics by throwing a party for a bunch of entitled old rich people.

And they still don’t understand why they lost.

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