Christians serving in Trump’s cabinet? God forbid …

Politico really is ridiculous, but then again they are part of the Leftist media machine so that really goes without saying.

For whatever reason, the media can’t stand that Trump would appoint a Christian. What’s wrong with someone of faith being at the table when our children’s education and futures is at stake? This isn’t like a church meeting, this just offers another valid idea and a unique way of looking at things. Balance to government if you will.

The Left doesn’t get it …

What does the separation of church and state have to do with anything here? Forget their favorite go-to when it comes to religion was just in a letter and not the Constitution (they forget that tidbit) but this time their go-to makes zero sense.

Not that it ever really makes ANY sense but we digress.

D’oh! They always forget that part as well.

Silly Lefties.



Sit down.

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