Because women constantly tie heavy objects to their parts to see if they can lift them … sure, that’s totes normal.

Vaginal Kung Fu Master? Who knew there was such a thing?

Per Cosmopolitan:

Kim Anami, a 44-year-old intimacy coach and vaginal weight lifter who claims she can lift up to 10 pounds with nothing but her genital muscles and can have up to 20 orgasms in a row.

Ok, what has HAPPENED to Cosmopolitan? Sure, they’ve always been out on the feminist fringe of crazy but lately it’s like they have to out-weird themselves. Take for example the Valentine’s Day where they suggested getting someone a chocolate butthole as a gift? We are NOT making that up … it’s the stuff of nightmares and weirdness but it’s true.

So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by THIS?

Better question is WHY, absolutely.

You’d think but NOPE. This is Sunday morning normal for Cosmopolitan it seems.


One day this gal was hanging curtains … you know what, never mind, we don’t wanna know either.


You just saw Cosmopolitan … yup, that’s it.