Saturday Night Live (SNL) took more shots at Donald Trump, this time the late-night “comedy” show made fun of Trump’s Twitter:

The skit highlights teenagers who have been retweeted by Trump. In the opening a teacher scolds a young man for not paying attention in class, to which he responds someone retweeted him. She said, “Seth, you’re just a kid in high school, who would retweet you,” and the scene cuts to Trump because HA HA, that’s comedy.

Or not.

Like many of us, Trump didn’t find the skit or Alec Baldwin’s performance funny:

In response, Baldwin offered to stop doing his impression if Trump releases his tax returns.

Oh, how edgy and real. *eye roll*

Another comedian didn’t find Baldwin’s performance or his snark toward Trump all that funny … Roseanne let him have it.

Alec can barely fake healthy, what makes Roseanne think he can fake sick?


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